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Xuzhou Haget Window Control Technology Co., Ltd
            Xuzhou highgate window control technology co., LTD. Main products:All kinds of high quality electric best/Electric window,Natural ventilation and fire smoke control window(PWA System)And the intelligent electric fan system(Ventilation System)。Outdoor blinds system(Sun Shading System)The professional company。     The products of the company involved in intelligent building、The fire、Heat preservation、Section…
Best of the world's most costly3344

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Integrated fire control system_The design requirementsThe design requirements:1、Natural smoke exhaust system area should not be greater than smoke partitions2000mLong side should not be greater than60,And should not cross fire zone。When the smoke partitions exceeds the limit,Can be fixed(Or…
Application range for electric window and the type selection calculationA、Using range of electric window:  “Electric window”High-tech products for the domestic construction industry,And“Intelligent electric Windows”It is the latest development of the modern window industry。1、The high window…
Electric window concept and linkageA、Electric best concept:  Electric window(The English languageActuator for windowOrWindows opener)Is the product of the development of electrical automation technology。 Because it's a change before hand…
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