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The city investment company to carry out the party members' day[2017-04-18]
2016Enterprise bonds are issued in phase ii succeed again6Hundred million[2017-04-18]
Another 15 to promote support Centralized resource development—[2017-04-18]
The mayor Chen site survey tower along the stone road open land[2017-04-18]
The chickens to work,Rolled up his sleeves to grasp development[2017-04-18]
About the organization to participate“Hundreds of web sites across the country WeChat male[2016-10-25]
Held on human resources social security policy laws and regulations[2016-10-25]
Dazhou investment co., LTD., a municipal committee of the party for the fourth time[2016-10-20]
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A public announcement[2019-07-17]
About audit institutions of the competitive negotiation[2018-01-05]
Rental housing[2015-05-26]
The west sichuan area outside the new gold orchid road248Number[2014-11-11]
Tong chuan area of chaoyang east professional lane5Number for lease[2014-09-11]
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Zhongke merchants9Month listed on the new three board:Submitted materials The ultimate goalAShares
IPOAfter losing the state international:The company claims to have the ability to repay the loan
IPODeclare restart hit the market The new declaration enterprise expansion after six months
KouZiJiu dying forIPO“To speak” Goldman sachs wait six years or earn10Hundred million
Spring airlines listed pause Before backbone employees to report related party transactions
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Strategic emerging industries special bond issue guidelines
About the printing《Special bond issue of local government management interim measures》的
The state council on forwarding the Treasury on the people's bank of national development and reform commission
The state council on strengthening the opinions of the local government debt management
The state council on deepening the reform of budget management system
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Dazhou day investment construction co., LTD[23/02]
2017The annual recruitment recruitment announcements[22/09]
Dazhou investment co., LTD. Recruitment recruitment announcements[10/02]
Dazhou day construction investment co., LTD[03/05]
Job postings[13/01]
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